Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Laydeez Do Comics 18.6.12

Last night I was lucky enough to be reminded about the Monthly Laydeez do Comics at the Rag Factory at the 'Rag Factory' , 16-18 Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ

For more more info head here:

Last Nights Quest Speakers were the lovely Kate Brown, Author of Fish + Chocolate

Sally Jane Thompson Comics creator and illustrator

Doug Wallace and Emma Hayley Directors of SelfMadeHero, independent graphic novel publisher.

It was a pleasure to see Kate again after Kapow and to meet Sally briefly. 

I've been interested in working with Emma and Doug for a while now. 

Their catalogue and ethos appeal to me over many of the other publishers out there. 

I love what they produce and have copies of Baby's in Black, Kiki and several others in my possession, though at some point I hope to own many more. 

Coming out soon (September) will be 'the Nao of Brown' from the Wonderful Glyn Dillon

In the mean time here's some photos from last night. 

Check out Selfmade Hero's catalogue and purchase some of the most beautiful produced books around. 

Also pop down to Laydeez as soon as you can. 

They're taking a month of in July, as well all are, but back in September and its only £1.50 to pop and long.

Not only that but they make the most amazing cakes and you can buy Booze!!! 

Last nights Guiness cake made me happier then I can tell you.  

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