Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Burlesque Beauties.

Back at the end of May this year I was lucky enough to have a table at the London Burlesque Festival 'Big Day out'. 

Chaz Royal commissioned me to produce a poster for the event. The final image is posted here featuring the ever wonderful 'Betty Delight'. 

I took the opportunity start a project I've been wanting to get off the ground for a long time, producing portraits of Burlesque Stars in a classic cigarette card format. Its a project which i'll continue to work on and I hope will snowball into Classic performers as well as stars of the future.

The first five featured performers who's personas stand out above and beyond are, Colette and Willy, Coco Deville, Eliza Delite, Marianne Cheese Cake and Bruise Violet(I've included links to all their websites, Please do link to them by clicking on their names, because they're all well worth seeing live).

All performed over the course of the festival meaning that I also had the pleasure of catching their new routines 
Reverse of Cards



All five are now available to purchase as a set or individually from my shop here: 

The idea was to mimic traditional cigarette cards applying colour tints over the original pencils posted below. 


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Big Burlesque Day Out

I'll selling prints and limited edition cigarette style cards on a trio of stalls with three other artists and designers. 
Along for the ride are Chrissie Nicholson Wilde of Curve Couture with her beautiful corsetry and burlesque designs.

 Rian Hughes who'll have copies of his book 'Soho Dives, Soho Divas' 

and Jessica Martin who'll have copies of her first foray into comics 'It Girl' based on the fabulous Clara Bow. 

More information on the whole event can be found here: Big Burlesque Day Out


Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Bat, the Cat and the Joker in Vegas

Not much to say about this other than that I REALLY enjoyed working on it.

Private commission: 'Cat Woman and Batman get drunk and get hitched in Vegas by the Joker'.

Seemed like a challenge I was happy to take up, worked out for the best I think!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Pictorial Response.

Single image response to the portrayal and treatment of women in comics. 

Monday, 13 January 2014

Thumbnails, Layouts and Panels OH MY!

Whilst I am scribbling page layout thumb nails etc for the main project its always nice to get a little down time between then with a few sketches. 

Of late i've found a new muse in the wonderful Sky Ferreira. 

To keep you all happy and to wet your appetite for the work that is to come here's the two pics which you'll already find on my 


If Doctor Who is more your kind of thing then heres My Amy Pond for you

Right then best get back to it, more artwork for your insatiable appetites soon! 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Illustrated Ape - Torchsongs and Fire Hoses

Back in the mists of time known as 2012 the wonderful Jason Atomic asked if I'd like to be onboard for a project he was Art Directing with Honey Manko, issue 29 of the Illustrated Ape called 'Torchsongs and Fire Hoses'.

Each artist was sent a link to a song (randomly assigned to them) from which they were to create a two page illustrated response. 

Mine was No.20 'Footsteps' - a mans sense of transience rises as he and 'Girl One' walk in a park together.

The artwork was sent off and an exhibition happened at Orbital Comic’s gallery space where we received our printed copies.

It was a great project and I was in good company with contributions from Jason himself, Molly Crabapple and Dwam Ipomee to name but a few.

I am pleased to say that you can now view the project in its entirety online by clicking here:


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Laydeez Do Comics 18.6.12

Last night I was lucky enough to be reminded about the Monthly Laydeez do Comics at the Rag Factory at the 'Rag Factory' , 16-18 Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ

For more more info head here:

Last Nights Quest Speakers were the lovely Kate Brown, Author of Fish + Chocolate

Sally Jane Thompson Comics creator and illustrator

Doug Wallace and Emma Hayley Directors of SelfMadeHero, independent graphic novel publisher.

It was a pleasure to see Kate again after Kapow and to meet Sally briefly. 

I've been interested in working with Emma and Doug for a while now. 

Their catalogue and ethos appeal to me over many of the other publishers out there. 

I love what they produce and have copies of Baby's in Black, Kiki and several others in my possession, though at some point I hope to own many more. 

Coming out soon (September) will be 'the Nao of Brown' from the Wonderful Glyn Dillon

In the mean time here's some photos from last night. 

Check out Selfmade Hero's catalogue and purchase some of the most beautiful produced books around. 

Also pop down to Laydeez as soon as you can. 

They're taking a month of in July, as well all are, but back in September and its only £1.50 to pop and long.

Not only that but they make the most amazing cakes and you can buy Booze!!! 

Last nights Guiness cake made me happier then I can tell you.  

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fiona Staples Variant cover for Life With Archie #24

As a balance to the DC CW0 here is the wonderful Fiona Staples Variant cover for Life With Archie #24 

To quote the lady herself: 'It was inspired in part by the 2001 Pussycats movie, and Alison Mosshart from The Kills, who wears a lot of animal print.'

Find out more about the last herself at her blog :

Catwoman- The New 52 reaches new Low

Oh Christ really.

Just read this article: Catwoman reaches new lows

And here's my response. 

Right the old maxim that any publicity is good publicity has been over egged to the point of no return. 

This is a case of Tits and Ass baring no actual relevance to the female form. 

Lets deconstruct this car crash. 

Any lady worth her salt knows that less is more. 

The artist here, well I am not entirely sure what the brief was? 

'Lets make this as offensive as humanly possible; make her submissive and yet complicit in her subversion. We'll make it OK by making her hold the viewers gaze so she complicit in her subjugation, but we'll put her into a position which is only realistically possible with extreme bondage and constraints.'

But, she's not holding the viewer's gaze is she? She's looking off to the left, presumably looking for the nearest exit to get out of this travesty.

I am wondering if she has in fact broken her back or at least had a rib removed, I suppose she could have been doing some serious yoga, but I doubt it, she’s not a medaitive kinda girl.

What’s the plot? 

Who care's she's a good time girl, she's already in Latex or leather, there no VPL she's naked under there, and the look on the eyes, she's well up for it. 

But she's got a whip! She's a woman in control!

Erm Nope. The background image is Catwoman lying barefoot and prostate underneath her overtly sexualized self, who appears to be bursting forth from her unconscious self, says more of a loss of personal control to me?

The whip? Well its part of Catwoman’s traditional arsenal, but here its less Indian Jones get out of trouble or use as a weapon more dominatrix with a pointedly contradictory physicality.  

Catwoman is a big title for DC. The editorial spot check process and production processes of such a large and prominent publishing house (as well all know from experience) are rigorous.

The sign off will have had to go through multiple hands and departments including design, editorial and marketing and in the case of this ‘property’ will undoubtedly have been signed off by the editors in chief.

Seriously its time to stop buying DC when the ladies and gentlemen that work there are condoning this kind of material being published and not staging a walkout themselves, everyone’s got mouth to feed, but really? 

I'll be returning the strong majority of the New 52 that I've just paid a small fortune for. 

I'll be keeping Batwoman, its simply beautiful and should have been the lead that DC kept to. 

What with being ‘Outed’, contorted into Sadomasochistic Fantasies and effectively Pimped it’s a wonder the New 52 haven’t told the creative team to stick it and walked. 

Its a tired old nag to troll out time after time with some of the of talented and creative minds at your disposal this really is a disgusting failure to utilize talent, and story telling at its Best. 

Your ‘Properties’ are being devalued as a result. 

Sort it out DC, your audience is changing its about time you changed with it not against it.  

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gender of the Creator/ Fan an issue STILL?!

Jackie Ormes

Groan, here we are AGAIN.

This morning my attention was drawn the following article:

Please read it and form your own reasoned opinion before commenting with the rest of this blog Post. 

These are my OWN opinions. Whilst I have discussed these issues with many other fans & creators throughout the day both male and female I've chosen not to bring their comments good and bad informed and otherwise directly in to my argument here, as they've already been stated. 

How best to address this?

I, just in case some of you didn’t know, which I know some of you still don’t (though if you’re reading this Really?) have stuck my neck above the parapet and of a few years back put my hand up and admitted to a little ability with a pencil. I'm still learning but i'm getting better.

By happy accident of geography (and an ability to drink like a fish) I’ve been acquainted with some of the most talented creators in the UK industry since the tender age of fifteen growing up in ‘Sunny’ Worthing on the South Coast. I’ve asked and kindly been given priceless advice over the years and still continue to bend their ears ALL the time and I can’t begin to say how grateful I am for it.

I’ve been drawing since I could grasp, but I’ve not always shouted about it.

I’ve read comics in ALL formats and genres since before I could read, I think? (its a visual medium people) Some would say I’ve lived and breathed them for the strong majority of my life, and they’d probably be right.

As long as I’ve read comics I’ve known other girls who did. In fact I think almost ALL of my female friends have read at least one comic when they really think about it, if you’re not sure think back to annuals past ladies, I’m sure your memory will be jogged.

So far as I know women have been reading and creating comics for far longer then I have been breathing, reading, publishing, promoting and drawing.

As long as I’ve been going to conventions women and girls have been in attendance as creators and fans. They might have been few and far between but they’re definitely there, they always were.

I don’t know why, I really should know better, but I was left incredulous that a discussion of the ratio of men to women in comics was even still an issue, but it still is.

The only way this argument will stop raising its hackneyed old head from the grave it needs to be buried in is when it is no longer and issue as the split will be 50/50 between male and female creators and we’ll no longer have to even think about it.

Until then however I’ve been pondering why we’re still having this discussion.

Now I’d have to do a lot of re-reading my old University books (which I un-earthed today along with my first not so bad attempts at comics, the later of which will NEVER see the light of day) but So far as I remember it language, in this instance (we’ll reference the English language, though I think this may stand for those in which there is masculine and feminine correct me if I am wrong) is masculine and of the patriarchy. 

Traditionally (a word which has been bandied about today) women passed down stories, information and advice orally. 

So perhaps as I remember it most the groups of girls I knew, but may not have gelled that well with passed ALL information on orally at school and the boys I often hung out with communicated through the medium of another facilitator be it, sport, or  collecting stamps, football cards, and obviously comics. This is obviously not going to be true of everyones experience, but it was of mine. 

In historical terms we’ve only just moved into the work force and market place. Change doesn’t happen immediately we’re only three generations (I’m guessing) into the Comic’s workplace and market. Why are we still surprised that there are so few women represented in mainstream comics?

Perhaps the main problem here is that by enlarge women in Comics don’t feel the need to shout about being a female creator mainly as they’d much prefer to perform on a level playing field with the boys as ‘Creators’ which I think would be the preference for both gender.

This is my stand point, I wish to be seen as a creator rather then a 'female' creator, I think many would agree. 

You might ask why I felt the need to comment given my own stand point of apparent neutrality, because we still need to thats why. As I said earlier if the lack of women in comics wasn't still a debatable issue we simply wouldn't be debating it, it would be so transparently a null and void argument that we wouldn't even need to discuss it. 

I can confirm that the number of women creating and attending Cons is definitely on the up, but as with every environment it’s a slow and gradual move into the field in an industry where most ‘overnight’ successes have probably been chipping their way in for at least ten years, if I really calculate it its taken me twenty since I bullishly demanded how to get into comics in a Pub in Worthing.

The advice then was as sound as it is now, PUBLISH! Get your work out there, do-it-yourself!

Regardless of your gender get scribbling! Get your work out there and get talking to people, go to conventions meet people and work on your game!

With Social networking everywhere and blogs giving you a FREE shop window there’s no space for whining that you get over looked at panels NONE or that you’re work doesn’t fit, make it fit! Create a new Genre, just get out there and do it.

It’s better to be the one creator with the different style getting ALL the work then the 100 imitators scrabbling around for crumbs in the long run.

Believe in yourself and STICK WITH IT!

Male or female it’s a long hall, but if you’re tenacious ultimately have the talent to tell a story you’ll break through in the end.

And EVERYONE go to Conventions, buy and read comics.